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HCZ® has achieved unprecedented success, helping thousands of children and families and disrupting the cycle of generational poverty in Central Harlem through our innovative and effective programs. Learn more about the organization on this page. 


Meet the Team: Secondary and Collegiate Programs

The Team’s Mission: The Secondary and Collegiate Programs team includes: Promise Academy High School I&II, the College Success Office and the Career Services Team. Our team’s goal is to create a holistic experience for all scholars that fosters their academic, … Read more

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Meet the Team: Promise Academy Central Office

The Team’s Mission: Manages compliance, city and state reporting, data systems, special education services, and many operational functions (ex. admissions) for Promise Academy Charter Schools.   Works closely with both Promise Academy I and II Charter Schools providing support services … Read more

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Meet the Team: Parent Center

The Team’s Mission: To provide holistic supports for parents at every stage of their child’s development, from cradle to college. We aim to ensure parents have the knowledge, skills, and support for successful parenting in the 21st century. The Team’s … Read more

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Meet the Team: Development

The Team’s Mission: The team’s purpose is to raise funds and cultivate relationships with funders and other interested parties, to work closely with all departments within HCZ (program, evaluation, finance, administration etc) and externally with community partners, funders, elected officials, etc., … Read more

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Meet the Team: Evaluation Department

The Team’s Mission: The Evaluation Department is responsible for collecting, cleaning, maintaining, and analyzing all participation data for HCZ. We work with program staff and administrators from across the organization to help build capacity around data use and data-driven decision-making … Read more

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Meet the Team: Community Pride

The Team’s Mission:  Connect residents and workers in The Zone to resources for economic empowerment and civic engagement.  The Team’s Operations & Organization:  Staff collaborate regularly with local leaders and community groups (such as block associations, NYCHA tenant associations, Community … Read more

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Meet the Team: Information Technology (IT)

The Team’s Mission: The IT team is responsible for supporting and maintaining the communication and technology infrastructure for the Harlem Children’s Zone and Promise Academy.  We aim to provide responsive and enthusiastic technical support to the HCZ and Promise Academy … Read more

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Meet the Team: Finance

The Team’s Mission: In the spirit of ‘Whatever it Takes’, to provide financial stewardship in order to support HCZ’s mission to ensure that children successfully graduate from college and become self-sustaining, well-rounded adults: Safeguarding the Organization’s assets and ensuring use … Read more

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Meet the Team: Promise Academy I Upper Elementary

The Team’s Mission: The purpose of the team is to ensure students are provided with high quality instruction, character development, and most importantly a safe environment where they can explore and develop a sense of confidence and preparedness. The stakeholders … Read more

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Meet the Team: Facilities

The Team’s Mission: The Facilities team’s mission is to provide support services to all HCZ sites and departments for the purpose of maintaining well-functioning and safe facilities, conducive to a quality professional and learning environment for all who encounter our program … Read more

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